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Contact ​ Dermatitis

A red, itchy rash that commonly falls into one of two categories: irritant contact and allergic contact. Irritant contact is a rash
that anyone can get from a chemical coming in contact with the skin. An example would be the rash some people get from wearing bandaids. It is often seen on the hands. Allergic contact dermatitis has many different causes. Not everyone will develop this — only people who are allergic to the chemical. One of the most common examples of allergic contact
dermatitis is poison ivy plant dermatitis. This rash manifests as small, red, itchy blisters, often in a line, and red, scaly, itchy patches.

Treatment: washes (over-the-counter), anti-itch lotions (over-the-counter), steroid creams (prescription) and oral or injected steroids.