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Hair Loss​

Hair loss – Male and female patten hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) Most men and many women have some form of hair loss as they age. For men it can start in their teens and 20s. For most women, it starts during middle-age or older.
This type of hair loss affects the crown of the head and the temple region with thinning and loss of hair over time.

Treatment: shampoos and topical medications (over-the-counter), topical medications (prescription),and oral medications

Telogen effluvium – A classic example of this type of hair loss occurs in women a few months after childbirth. It’s characterized by a sudden shedding of hair triggered by a stressful event. Typically the hair shedding slows down over a period of months. Usually people regrow the hair.

Alopecia areata – This type of hair loss occurs in a unique pattern of circles of hair loss and can affect both adults and children. Its more significant forms include alopecia totalis which is complete loss of scalp hair and alopecia universalis which is hair loss over the entire body

Treatment: triamcinolone injections, oral medications, topical prescription medicines