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View and download your medical records

Read patient education designed for you

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Update your medical information including: medications allergies, medical history, and more

Add a new insurance plan or pharmacy

View your test results

Medical Patient Portal

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Payment Portal

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How To Use The Patient Portal

Update Your Personal Information

Select Patient Info

First, make any updates to your contact information

Review the other categories, and make all the necessary changes

Any information that you change will be reviewed and approved by our office staff before being saved into your permanent medical record.

Read Patient Information Designed For You

Select Visit Info

Choose the Patient Education link on the right side of the screen

All education materials are available for you to read, but the materials associated with the diagnosis in that column will be on the top of the list

If you need additional information, or if you have any questions about your diagnosis, please email the staff through the Contact Us option.

Communicate With Your Physician and Our Staff

Select Contact Us

Select New Message

Choose the question you have

  • Pathology Results
  • Prescription Refill
  • Non-Emergency Medical Questions
  • Appointment Requests
  • Billing Inquiry

Please enter a subject and a message

Click Send

Be sure to check back in the portal for our response. Our office may also call you to request additional information.

View Your Test Results

Select Visit Info

The second tab down is where you can view any of your test results.

If you do not see your result, please email our office.

Two Possible Browsers

Use our patient portal with the Mozilla Firefox browser, or if you have an Apple computer, you also can use the Safari browser.

If you do not have Mozilla on your computer, you can download it by going to and search for Mozilla Firefox, and then download it for free.

View and Download Your Medical Records

Select Visit Info

Select the date of your visit to our office. If the visit day is black, then the note is not ready to be read.

You can now print or save the visit note to your computer.

Pathology Billing Questions?

If you have a biopsy, your specimen will be sent to Informed Diagnostics for pathology testing and diagnosis.
If you have questions about a bill from Miraca, please call:

Informed Diagnostics

You may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company for services provided. Please remember that your EOB is NOT a bill. Miraca will adjust the patient responsibility to an in-network level of benefit, and you should only pay Miraca if you receive an invoice.

Please do not call our office regarding your pathology payment responsibility.